How it began...

My name is Ms. Red, and I am the Inventor of The Stresslet™. The idea was born from my career as an educator. I was trying to help a student understand his anger.  Someone had taken his pencil, and he didn’t know how to deal with his emotions. As he was throwing a fit, someone thought to give him a stress ball. Great idea, since that is what they are for, right? Wrong! The second he held that ball, he tossed it. Unfortunately, he tossed it right at someone’s head — He was now in big trouble! But it is what happened next that started my journey. Without hesitation my student said,

“Why would you give me a ball if you didn’t want me to throw it?”
He was incredibly right!

The stimulating devices children have been given to help them focus during times of stress are toys. These devices are distracting children instead of helping them. Also I noticed, most of the stress relieving devices out there cater to kids. What about adults?   As an adult, you are expected to manage your stress, right? 

Well, I am 30 years of proof THAT’S not true. I knew the current lack of choices
was a problem but I also knew that for every problem there is a solution. 

That was the day The Stresslet popped in my head, the first ever-fashionable(and reversible), non-distracting stress ball for all ages. I have seen The Stresslet work first hand, and I believe in what it can do. That is why I am fighting through a pandemic to take this product to the market. If you’re not able to join The Stresslet family at this time, please spread the word. You never know who needs a good squeeze to get them through their busy day.