Where can I purchase The Stresslet?

First, let’s CELEBRATE you taking time to tackle your stress! Bravo, my friend, thanks for joining The Stresslet family! You have come to the right place. The Stresslet is the perfect partner to a stressful day. To purchase visit:

Coming to Amazon soon!

Can I send a Stresslet to family and friends?

Yes just make sure you have the right shipping address. We hope to be a popular gift for:

  • Stocking stuffers
  • Easter baskets
  • Bridal and groom gifts
  • Back to school
  • New years resolution
  • Birthday
  • Valentines day/Galentines day/Brotastic day
  • Oh, I can’t wait to hear what else we can provide a squeeze for.

What size will fit me best?

On our journey to make the perfect Stresslet, we took into consideration that not one hand is the same. We are all created wonderfully different, thank you, God!

That is why we narrowed it down to three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. Mediums now, Smalls SOON and Larges when it’s demanded! We listen and answer the call.

The small fits kids between the ages of 5-9. 

The medium fits most teens and adults.

The large fits the strong hand or larger hand sizes.

However, sizes are not guaranteed to fit, but we will do everything possible to make sure you have a stress-free day. After all not one person has the same fingerprint.

Am I suppose to yank on the elastic?

Please don’t yank, just squeeze. The elastic is not immortal.

The only purpose of The Stresslet is to squeeze your way through a hard day.  




How long does shipping take?

The average shipping times for standard and economy rates are typically three-five business days.

Shipping time for express is one-two days to urban and rural areas.

However, due to Covid-19, delays are possible. Always know you are our first priority. We don’t stress less unless you do. You will get your package one way or another. Thank you for your patience.

What do I do if I never receive my order?

DO NOT PANIC!!! The Stresslet will work tirelessly until you are united with your Stresslet.  Please contact us on our website, and we will respond within five business days with solutions. 


Can I customize a single Stresslet?

We hope to open customizing to the public SOON!!  Although The Stresslet doesn’t have an exact date set, the goal is to make your uniquely personalized Stresslet a reality. Just hold on to your vision. The Stresslet promises to make it come true as soon as possible. 


Where are you located?

The Stresslet was created in and operates from Peoria, Illinois,in the heart of the Midwest. Peoria is the home to amazing health care, delicious food, awesome people, and one incredible stress reliever.

What is the refund policy?

The Stresslet hopes you never encounter a problem with your purchase, but if you do, just send us the following: 

  1. Photo of the damaged product 
  2. Short explanation of your problem 
  3. Stresslet will get back to you within five business days with the best solution to the issue.
  4. Know everything is going to be okay. 

Thank you for your patience and support. Welcome to The Stresslet family!